Blog Move

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I’m moving my personal blog to our domain so all personal updates from now on will be at:

Producer Showreel

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Towards the end of last year I put together a showreel for South Auckland Producer Anonymouz.

As you can see in the showreel, Anonymouz is a very talented musician and Producer with an impressive range of skills and depth of experience at his disposal. Putting together the reel was a really interesting experience, not least because I got to learn a lot more about Anonymouz – I thought he was talented based on the little I knew before I started the work…

I hope to get the chance to direct a music video for him in the future – fingers crossed!

Editing another game trailer

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I’m currently working on the next trailer for Path of Exile, the Online Action RPG by Auckland’s Grinding Gear Games.

I love the process of editing a trailer. You get to put together a tight little package of exciting content to convey a quick, simple message and generate questions and interest in the viewer’s mind.

I’m aiming to have the draft put together by tonight, ready for tomorrow where I’ll put in a full day onsite at Grinding Gear’s Titirangi office polishing and tweaking.

The first part of the process involves a lot of listening to the music tracks available to use. The very talented Mr. Adgio Hutchings of Texas has composed some wonderfully anthemic and epic tracks for Path of Exile so I’m not starved for choice. The trick is to find the best piece for the relevant section of the trailer and to be able to segue into the next piece in a way that makes sense logically, musically and emotionally.

The guys at GGG are after a tense, horror theme for the first section of the trailer so I’m looking for pieces that generate tension and grate ever so slightly on the hackles… (can one’s hackles even BE grated…?)

It’s great fun! More to come…

Music performed by a car

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It’s an old clip but it’s a slow post day 😛 I still find it fun to watch this inventive use of the sounds of industry (as produced by this Jeep Grand Cherokee) to create a rhythmic track like this.

Reminds me of the intro to a great NZ track by Dei Hamo:

Matt Meikle – the future of cinematography

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I’ve made a couple of music videos with Matt Meikle as the DP (Director of Photography) and he’s been a legend – showing me the ropes, taking the time to explain things patiently and giving me the floor as Director to make the necessary calls.

The Big Idea has an article / interview with Matt called “The Future Of Cinematography” and Matt gives some interesting insight into his own experience throughout his career.

“Matt Meikle… reveals a mature and considered approach to growing a career…”

Check the article out on The Big Idea.

The view from my office

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Well I’m trying out the new iPhone 4 and playing with the camera so I can at least get rid of that horrible header… (new pic installed soon now!)

So here’s the view from my home office. Ten points (for those who don’t know me : P) if you can work out my exact location from it…

And here’s a clearer view – you can make out Vector Arena there in the background:

It’s a nice spot to work from but it’s going to be just as cool working from the new offices for the music media company I’m joining up with soon! Looking at doing one or two days a week there with the boys (and girls) and a few days here at home slogging away at whatever edit or digital media work is currently going down.

More news on the new endeavours soon…

What I Dun Bin Up To

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As sporadic, inconsistent and uneven as these blog updates are it feels good to be updating now cos I’ve got something to talk about : ).

I dun bin up to a lot lately and here’s a bullet point list (written more to myself than anyone else):

  • had great amounts of fun editing together four game trailers for talented and dedicated indie developer Grinding Gear Games for their Diablo-alike, Path of Exile (the first of which is embedded below)
  • worked on a number of challenged small business endeavours (<— this version sanitised from the original edit for the sake of avoiding controversy at this time xD)
  • directed NZ’s first all live 3D music video for J Williams featuring Scribe
  • got ripped off by a few friends (<— this version sanitised from the original edit for the sake of saving relationships xD)
  • watched a pretty cool movie
  • learnt – yet again – that it pays to be paid
  • made new friends
  • made new enemies

It’s been an interesting year and it’s still going. Significant birthday this year too – if only because it falls on the 10th of the 10th of twenty 10 : ). Looking forward to it!

Path of Exile Game Trailer